New Path


The customer wanted to replace an old tiled path. The tiles had worked loose and would move when stepped on, causing a tripping hazard. Weeds were also growing through the cracks in the tiles. The customer's neighbour had recently replaced their pathway and as they shared the front garden they decided to put a similar path design so that the properties continued to match. There was also a difference in height to the right of the path where a large green recycling bin was stored, making it difficult to move the bin over when it was fully laden. The neighbour's path had solar lights embedded in a stoned area to the side of their path, which the customer wanted to emulate, however the quality of the neighbour's lights were quite poor. Finally, where the lawn met the path it had grown unevenly, which did not provide a 'sharp' finish when cut.

The Solution:

All of the original tiles and sand underneath were removed and new tiles purchased. Where the previous path was levelled with sand the new path sat on a mortar mix, which ensured that the path would remain firm. The tiles were extended to the right of the path and round the side of the property to ensure an even surface all the way around. High quality solar lights were purchased and embedded to the left of the path in matching white stones, with a small wooden fence placed to keep the stone in.

The neighbour was so impressed with the lights that he replaced his ones with a matching set.

To reduce costs and as rubble was minimal a Hippo waste bag was used instead of a skip.

Time to complete: 3 days (with two staff)

  • path1 beforeafter
  • path2 beforeafter
  • Before and after view of the path. You can see that the area to the right of the property now has an even surface.
  • Close up view. No weeds can grow through the new cement.